Heat Treatment Equipment we supply have been robustly constructed to provide power to electrical resistance heaters at 65 / 85 volts, suitable for site and shop working. The output from the unit is split into six individual heating circuits for temperature control.

Heat Treatment Units
Temperature Measuring
& Thermocouple Attachment
Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters
Ceramic Beads
Cables & Wires
Plugs, Sockets
& Connectors
Insulation Products
Heat Treatment
Accessories & Spares

Heat treatment units

50 kVA Heat Treatment Unit
(MZ0100 & MZ0200)

70 kVA Heat Treatment Unit
(MZ0500 & MZ0600)

Temperature Measuring & Thermocouple Attachment

CHINO-Type E Series Temperature Recorder
(E0101 & E0201)

With the Protective Case
(E0100 & E0200)

Temperature Recorder Ink Bottles

Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters

CHINO-Type E Series Temperature Recorder
(E0101 & E0201)

Diagram for measurements

Ceramic Beads

Pink Ceramic Beads (L-R)

White Ceramic Beads (L-R)

Special Ceramic Beads


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